A Tradeshow & Event Management Solution



Looking to increase sales? XPOexpress allows you to create an online pre-ordering system prior to your event. Our clients have used the pre-ordering feature in a variety of ways: As a convenience for multiple store operators. It allows them to place their orders in advance of attending the show so they work on negotiating and increasing their orders at the show. It also allows the chain/multiple store owners to complete their distributions while ordering. To take orders for those who cannot attend the show. The pre-ordering system can also be used as a post-show feature as well. Not really sure? Ask the staff at XPOexpress. We’re more than happy to talk with you about your current method and discuss ways to enhance your results.

Online Welcome

Remove the hassle, cost and time it takes for paper event invitations and registrations. XPOexpress begins with your event specific website, where your event information (itinerary, venue, hotels, etc) is published. This great online branding tool not only serves to inform your target audience of the event, it also serves as your registration site.

Online Registration

Start building your marketing database with XPOexpress! Have a need to send out information on a scheduled basis? XPOexpress is the perfect solution! Not only can emails be sent to your registrants, but to an added database as well. Tailor it to your needs! Attendees who register online will receive an email confirmation with barcode to self check-in.

Electronic Order Book

We take your product information and create an electronic order book through XPOexpress. This order book becomes the heart of your pre/post-ordering system and your show ordering system. One of the many benefits of using XPOexpress is that if you have specific show/event deals that you need to display, we can create a tailored program to fit your needs.


Go Eco-Friendly! No paper is used at all for online events because everything is done over the internet! This also cuts out all the need for you and your customers to travel.

Cost Effective

No need to pay for transportation of goods, people or equipment. Online shows also do not require a show room or other involved expenses.

Email Alerts

Alert your retailers when the online sale event is beginning, and then again when the event is almost over! Choose if retailers who have already placed an order still receive alerts.

Post-Event Summaries

XPOexpress allows you to access your information real-time. XPOexpress also provides you with post-show summaries of your ordering information, registration information and any other tailored reports that you request.


Retailers can order from the site twenty-four hours a day because everything is online!


Once the retailers have the PDF Sale Flyer, just sit back and watch the orders roll in online!