A Tradeshow & Event Management Solution


Self-Check In Registration

Each registrant is emailed a confirmation with a barcode. They walk up to one of our check-in kiosks and scan the barcode on their confirmation and out prints their badge.. If attendee forgot his/her confirmation email, no problem they can search either by name or company. The badge prints out right at the kiosk, they grab a holder and lanyard and into the event they go. No more waiting in long lines. No more searching through piles of preprinted badges. XPOexpress makes the registration process stress free for you and your attendees.

Touch Screen Tablets

Each registrant is issued an order card at registration. The card has been pre-loaded with the information that is specific to the customer, so that they can place orders. The customer simply swipes his card at the touch order screen at the booth, and the transactions begins. It can’t get any easier than this! Just tap on the items on-screen and they’re added to your order! No hard key entries. Tap, tap, cha-ching! XPOexpress was designed with speed and ease in mind. We know what it is like to be behind a booth at a show, with several customers wanting to place orders. The more time it takes, the greater the chance of losing a sale. That’s why we created the touch screen order tablets. Efficiency and speed. We offer comprehensive training (not that it is hard to learn) for all of the tablet users at your event. Need a signature on your orders? We thought of that, too!

Kiosk Printing

When we created the touch screen order tablets, we didn’t stop there on speed and efficiency. We took the time and hassle of generating order copies at each booth away. When a customer is finished walking your show/event and they have finished placing all of their orders, they simply visit a kiosk on the show floor to print their order summaries. XPOexpress kiosks are fast and convenient. And it is a much greener way! The customer simply swipes the order card at the XPOexpress kiosk and his or her information comes up on the screen. From there, the customer selects a print option and generates the recap.

Real-Time Tracking

XPOexpress provides you with real-time tracking. What this means is that regardless of the phase, be it online registration or at the show, you can access your information. Need to find out what your sales are at noon? No problem. Need to double check to see if someone’s registration went through - again - it’s real-time! From your first to your last phase - you can simply sign on and check the status.


Convenient ATM-like print stations

Paperless Reports

Fast reporting without the waste

Central Database

Stores all data in one place for faster transactions

Wireless Access

Real-time collection of show transactions

Touch Screens

User-friendly screens for fast interaction

Barcode Scanning

Track events using simple formats